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Return Path

Our email ‘fetch’ API documents are publicly available at

The best way to explore and discover the API is by signing up for a key (available for free), linking up an email account (takes just a few seconds), and then make some calls using our interactive console: The startup can make requests and see responses without writing any code. If they want to play around with some code, we have client libraries up on github for you to use to get started quickly:

Our email ‘parse’ API is not available publicly and widely. We have been using it primarily for our own internal purposes and are opening it to selective partners in our ecosystem as a means to strengthen our relationships with our partners. We would give consideration for startups coming from the perks program to gain BETA access to this tool.

Special support offered to GAN startups:

1. Initial 1:1 consultation with CIO team to understand goals, use-case and ensure building on the platform is the best route for the startup’s success.
2. Small interactive working sessions with the CIO product team and startups to help them better understand and seamlessly integrate the API.
3. Access to premier VPA (Virtual Parsing Appliance) feature. Our proprietary parsing algorithm scrubs emails of personally identifiable information (PII), seeks out e-receipts, and extracts purchase information. Then, we normalize product titles and categories. The end product is a robust, structured, clean data set ready for analysis.
4. Incorporate startup needs in CIO’s short to medium term roadmap.
5. Direct access to our support team and prioritized ticket handling.
6. Anything that it would take from our side to help the startup be successful!