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Productfy, Inc.

Productfy provides a platform to help companies build better and more compliant FinTech/InsurTech applications faster. We provide critical infrastructure including KYC, Depository Services, ACH, Card Issuance, and Sub-Ledger Accounting. We’ve pre-negotiated deals with vendors to save you money and accelerate your time to market. We have a pay-per-user SaaS fee with no long-term contract! We’re here to help you build Better FinTech and InsurTech Applications at 3x the Speed and 1/5 the Cost!


Our All-Channel Communications Solution is used by companies in 40 countries to date with demanding, secure, multi-channel needs, who are looking to increase efficiency, flexible working, meet all related compliance requirements, and to delight customers who wish to engage on their preferred communications channel.

*Available Worldwide*

See the solution here:


For all GAN network participants, Tkxel’s basic engineering services will be discounted at $40/hr along with a BOGO offer. That means, for every hour bought, you will get an additional hour free.

If you buy services of a software engineer to join your team on a monthly basis, we can allot one more software engineer for free, of equivalent quality and experience.

The offer is valid for the first 1000 hours of development or till your next round of funding, whichever comes first.

Return Path

Our email ‘fetch’ API documents are publicly available at

The best way to explore and discover the API is by signing up for a key (available for free), linking up an email account (takes just a few seconds), and then make some calls using our interactive console: The startup can make requests and see responses without writing any code. If they want to play around with some code, we have client libraries up on github for you to use to get started quickly:

Our email ‘parse’ API is not available publicly and widely. We have been using it primarily for our own internal purposes and are opening it to selective partners in our ecosystem as a means to strengthen our relationships with our partners. We would give consideration for startups coming from the perks program to gain BETA access to this tool.

Special support offered to GAN startups:

1. Initial 1:1 consultation with CIO team to understand goals, use-case and ensure building on the platform is the best route for the startup’s success.
2. Small interactive working sessions with the CIO product team and startups to help them better understand and seamlessly integrate the API.
3. Access to premier VPA (Virtual Parsing Appliance) feature. Our proprietary parsing algorithm scrubs emails of personally identifiable information (PII), seeks out e-receipts, and extracts purchase information. Then, we normalize product titles and categories. The end product is a robust, structured, clean data set ready for analysis.
4. Incorporate startup needs in CIO’s short to medium term roadmap.
5. Direct access to our support team and prioritized ticket handling.
6. Anything that it would take from our side to help the startup be successful!

NorthStar Venture Partners

Whether you’re looking to sell your startup or acquire another company for growth, these transactions can be a huge risk. As M&A advisors, we bridge the transaction market gap between the small-scale deals traditionally handled by business brokers and the multi-million dollar transactions sold by investment bankers. As startup founders with multiple successful exits under our belts, we get it. We’ve been there and provide the guidance we wish we had during our deals.

*Available Worldwide*


We’re excited to partner with HubSpot for Startups to offer their program designed specifically to help startups grow and scale better, and faster – at a startup-friendly cost! Read on to learn more about the program.

What is the HubSpot for Startups program?

  • EDUCATION RESOURCES AND TAILORED TRAINING | Content, masterclasses, and 24/7 support to get your startup growing. From board deck templates to quick tips on customer acquisition, this content is made just for you. Plus, you’ll have access to world-class support from HubSpot experts and a startup-friendly onboarding experience.
  • PROFESSIONAL SOFTWARE, STARTUP PRICING | Access to HubSpot Growth Platform, a full suite of software for marketing, sales, and customer service, with a completely free CRM at its core at a startup-friendly price, to help you grow and scale betterThe software grows as you do, so you have access to in-person product training, too. All of this is up to 90% off.
  • INTEGRATED PLATFORM FOR STARTUPS | Access to over 200 software integrations, many at startup friendly pricing, as well as the opportunity to build an integration on the HubSpot platform.

Who is eligible?

Any startup that is a current participant or alumni of a GAN Accelerator and meets certain funding criteria is eligible for this exclusive program! See below for more details:

If you are…

  • A startup with under $2 million in funding | You are eligible for up to 90% off HubSpot software in your first year, 50% off in your second, and 25% off ongoing.
  • A startup who has raised over $2 million in named funding up to and including Series A | You are eligible for up to 50% off in your first year, and 25% off ongoing.

*The HSFS startup-friendly pricing is only applicable to net-new HubSpot Hubs or upgrades of existing Starter subscriptions to Basic, Professional, or Enterprise products; customers may not apply the startup program pricing to existing Basic, Professional, or Enterprise Hubs.


Each startup accepted will receive $25,000 in Heroku credit, eligible to be used against their Heroku platform spend for the next 12 months.

Credits may be used for the following Heroku products and features: Heroku Dynos, Heroku Teams, Heroku Postgres, Redis, Add-ons (including Apache Kafka on Heroku), Heroku Private Spaces and Heroku Shield.


Need a hand in web/mobile app development? Our professional developers are ready to start working on your project in just 48 hours after you take this deal. In addition, you get a Silicon Valley based manager at no additional cost!


API driven, modern core banking platform designed for agile fintechs and digital banks. We give fintechs the freedom to focus on their USP and not have to worry about the plumbing/infrastructure of banking systems.

We provide free access to our demo instance, and aim to enable fintechs or challengers to get an MVP up in under 2 months.

We exist to solve three fundamental challenges:

– The difficulty (and speed) of change in banking systems—we have a unique architecture that allows us to customise almost anything quickly and for a low cost;

– The ability to integrate new technology and other fintechs—our system is API driven, with the ability to keep integrations separate from our core as well as partner banks, and enables marketplace functionality;

– The high total cost of banking solutions—our modern design allows us to run at a fraction of the cost of most providers, without compromising on quality, customisability, or support.

Core functionality:
* Account management: create, delete and manage accounts.
* Multi-tenant accounts: customise fees, functionality and more..
* Proprietary General Ledger: a comprehensive general ledger.
* Single view of the customer: a consolidated view of customer interactions.
* Fee management: variable, percentage or fixed fees.
* Split payments: flexible options for split payments.
* Authentication: secure, tokenised authentication and One Time Pin.
* Bulk data import: importing bulk data in various formats.
* Admin dashboard: a dashboard to manage back office operations.
* Payments: inter-account, electronic, Card, SMS, USSD, and more.
* Customisable regulatory controls: AML screening, access to FAFT and PEP Screening, and custom region controls by request.
* Digital asset support: native support for tangible and intangible digital assets.
* Card management: functionality to support physical and virtual card issuance.
* Manageable card settings: users have full control of their cards.
* Reporting: customisable reporting.
* POS (Point of Sale) Functionality: POS device functionality and integration.

*Available worldwide


SaaS platform to build mobile apps, visually. The fastest way to assemble beautiful screens and then output clean, reusable code. Draftbit Studios is our app dev agency that builds apps for clients. GAN members can get 50% off any tier of the Draftbit platform for their first year. GAN members also get 25% off their first Draftbit Studios app dev project, up to $50,000 in total savings.