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Taghrid Alsaeed

Abu Dhabi

Taghrid Alsaeed

Board Member, Development Committee

Taghrid graduated from Gorge Mason University, Virginia with honors in Master Degree-Visual Information Technology. Taghrid holds a bachelor degree in Computer Information Systems from Marymount University in Virginia, USA and in the process of finalizing her MBA in Strategic Management from Strathclyde University Abu Dhabi.  Taghrid won the first place in Art and Design from Marymount University in 2000.  She was also nominated to participate at Oxford University Honor Program  in 2003. Taghrid also holds several certificates in project management, marketing and communications, business and commercial banking.

Taghrid started her professional career as a teacher assistance in “Human Factors in Computer Information Systems” at Marymount University, VA, USA in 2000. She also ran her freelancing business in Multimedia and web-development serving regional airlines, personal security companies and personal users in VA, USA.  Taghrid was also trained in Washington DC at Nortec Communications, Microsoft Gold Partner, in Web Programming and Graphic Design in 2001. In 2003, Taghrid worked at Trivision Studios in marketing and media communications in VA, USA.

In 2005, Taghrid worked as a web-engineer at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank where she helped in initiating the first online Islamic banking services in Abu Dhabi. In 2006, Taghrid moved to one of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank’s subsidiaries, Burooj Real Estate, and established their sales and marketing division. In 2004-present, Taghrid has established and join new entrepreneurial projects in private sector. In 2008, Taghrid took a new role at Sorouh Real Estate in sales and marketing division leading redevelopment of Sorouh’s brand strategy and visual identity.  Taghrid was the e-marketing and communications manager in Sorouh and won several international and regional awards such as PropertyFinder Award for best online marketing campaign in 2010. In 2011, Taghrid started her job in Mubadala’s development as a special project manager for research and development under Mubadala Group Communications  and was then appointed as the head of digital communications and Infrastructure in 2012. In 2014 Taghrid became a board member at The Emirati Entrepreneurs Association.

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