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Rami Shaar

Abu Dhabi

Rami Shaar

Chief Executive Officer

Rami Shaar, the Canadian Co Founder, will be Chief Executive Officer. Rami will be responsible for investor relations, marketing, operations oversight and business development. He holds a Bachelors of Commerce, with a major in Finance. Rami started working in 2010 as an investment banker for three (3) years with Morgan Stanley, one (1) year in private equity with Swicorp, and one (1) year in with Uber as an operations manager.

At Uber, after launching operations in Jeddah, Rami restructured Abu Dhabi operations. He hacked growth in Abu Dhabi, to turn the operation from a distressed one into a successful one. He identified and acted on opportunities to grow supply tenfold within six months. In 2015, he was then entrusted with spearheading country level operations by being Head of Supply Growth and Business Development.

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