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Abu Dhabi AD – Cycle 4

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Nicolas Hans

Abu Dhabi

Nicolas Hans


A technologist and a marketer, Nicolas Hans has over twenty-year experience across telecom, tech, media, and entertainment. He has worked in over sixty countries across Europe, Asia-Pacific, the US and the Middle-East. He has collaborated with organizations as diverse as BBDO, BFM Business, Dalet Digital Media Systems, du EITC, Etisalat, Eurosport, EZELINK Telecom, IBM, LiveU or Ziff-Davis publishing.

He focuses on defining and implementing new products and strategies for digital start-ups, media and telecommunication companies alike. Customer focused, his expertise ranges from product management to project directorship, strategy, sales, marketing and business development.

Trilingual, his domain expertise includes content strategy, digital transformation, location-based services, media asset management and archiving, mobile advertising, over the top (OTT) and value added services (VAS), public Wi-Fi networks, rich media production platforms and video transmission and distribution. He is currently a partner at SCUBE.SOLUTIONS

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