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Hani Khoja


Hani Khoja

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Elixir

As co-Founder and Managing Partner of Elixir, I am proud to be a mentor and a Patron of Leadership for the Flat6Labs accelerator. We recognized at Elixir that entrepreneurs are critical to our economy. They will not only drive innovation but also employ locals and thus provide employment to the hundreds of thousands of locals entering the labor market every year. I am excited to help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life.


Elixir is a leading management consulting firm serving clients in Saudi Arabia and the GCC. We are made up of citizens & residents of Saudi Arabia with management expertise who share a common vision to be the most trusted management consultancy firm to overcome complex challenges confronting GCC governments and companies. Elixir’s mission is to enable top talent to develop a deep understanding of the local customer and market, translate into sustainable strategies, and then implement with excellence. We combine global experience with in-depth knowledge of the local culture. Therefore we have the capability & passion to not only develop long term strategies and plans, but also help turn such strategies into reality in the market.


In summary, Elixir has the blond hair and green eyes as well as the Shimakh and Abaya. We can thus combine international success models with local conditions to generate sustainable solutions.


We have proudly helped:


• Government entities pursue their mandates by studying market needs, agreeing an overall roadmap, identifying sustainable solutions, & translating them into reality. Solutions include development of new products and services, improving customer care, inspections of current services, designing and launching new regulations and policies, as well as behavior-changing and equity building marketing campaigns.


• Private companies build significant value to its stakeholders by; expanding current products & services, developing & launching new ones, reducing costs of products and services by eliminating unneeded features, and optimizing the organizational design and structure.


• Private companies establish and/or sustainably grow their Corporate Social Responsibility strategies and specific programs. We have also helped such companies translate strategies into market realities and success stories.


• Non-Profit organizations optimize operations & develop their fundraising strategies & plans. We have also helped NPOs develop sustainable solutions serving their key beneficiaries.


Elixir takes pride in its close interactive approach. We roll up our sleeves and learn everything about our clients’ team members, external stakeholders, consumers and sector. Our approach has enabled us to significantly improve clients’ results, help them meet their goals, and ultimately add value to the company, sector and society.




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