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Dr. Ahmed Darwish


Dr. Ahmed M. Darwish was born in Egypt in 1959. He received his B.Sc. in Electronics and Communication Engineering and M.Sc. in Computer Engineering from Cairo University, in 1981 and 1984 respectively. He received his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of California, Davis in 1988.

His last public occupation was the Minister of State for Administration Development (2004-2011). This included three major portfolios; The first was the preparation of the National Policy and Strategy Document on e-government in addition to the planning, administration and coordination of the implementation efforts of the four subprograms, namely; Basic Infrastructure, Services Delivery Over New Channels, State Resource Planning and Integration of National Databases). The second portfolio was the design and execution of the Institutional and Human Resources Development Program. Last but not least, the third was Governance institutionalization including transparency and integrity in government and public sector.

The work done by the team was internationally recognized. Egypt’s Government electronic and web services rank is 23 out of 192 countries on the last UN-PAN report and the program received the best service award both from the UN in New York (2009) and the African Union in Johannesburg (2008). Dr. Darwish was selected by Singapore to receive the Middle East Eminent Persons Award (MEEP)-2007 in recognition for his work and he was an invited speaker to numerous international events, the last was in December 2010 in Paris by OECD on “Making Reform Happen”. His academic career started in 1988 as a lecturer and post-doctoral researcher with the Department of Electrical and Engineering and Computer Science at the University of California, Davis. In 1989, he joined Cairo University as an assistant professor, where later, he became an associate professor then a professor with the Computer Engineering Department in 1994 and 1999 respectively. During the year 96/97 he was on sabbatical leave with the Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Virginia Tech; He cooperated on several research projects with the Mobile and Portable Radio Research Group.

He received the Egyptian National Engineering Award for the year 1999. He is a member of few scientific and professional societies and on the editorial board and a reviewer for a number of publications. He shared in the design and development (and hold 50% of the IP) of 2 wireless simulation tools. He supervised 10 PhD Dissertations and 26 MSc Thesis. He has over 64 publications in peer reviewed journals and scientific conferences, 11 invited papers, shared in 4 books, numerous invited talks and few sponsored research programs.

Dr. Darwish was a consultant to a number of international organizations (UNDP, UNIDO, UNESCO, FAO, ESCWA, European Union and World Bank), government organizations and companies both in the United States and Egypt.

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