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Abdulhakeem Hakeem


Abdulhakeem Hakeem

CCO, Mohammed Yousuf Naghi & Brothers Group

Abdulhakeem Hakeem is an active PR practitioner, corporate social responsibility (CSR) enthusiast and an occasional speaker, delivered various seminars and workshops on the topics of: PR and corporate communication, social media, CSR and the impact on corporate image and reputation. He contributed to several conferences, summits and forums in the Middle East and the GCC Region as a key speaker on the same topics.

With over 16 years of communication experience working with global renowned corporations such as Mars, McDonalds and Boeing in the Middle East. Hakeem also founded Medialogy Group; a communication firm offering specialized image and reputation consultancy and social media services. He also co-founded QUMRA ARTS; a film and visual arts boutique, providing fundamental training programs, career support and job assignments to the new aspiring talents in this growing field in Saudi Arabia.

Throughout his career, Hakeem had helped many business owners and CEOs, pioneering the development of CSR strategies and deployment of CSR culture among many local and multinational corporations in Saudi Arabia.

Additionally, a great area of passion for Hakeem is visual arts and filmmaking, an alternative communication channel to transmit messages in an artistically visual medium. Hakeem is a certified Film Director and Producer by Hollywood Film Institute, in addition to his further studies at Manhattan Film Academy And LA Writers University in film and TV writing, screenplays and directing. He pressured later on to invite Film and TV mentors from Manhattan Film Academy to provide local based trainings for the upcoming talents and the new wave of generations here is Saudi Arabia.

Currently, Abdulhakeem Hakeem is the Group CCO (Chief Communication Officer) for Mohammed Yousuf Naghi & Brothers Group, a group of companies that employ more than 15,000 employees, working across the diversified business sectors at the group, to include: Automotive, FMCGs, Restaurants and Catering, Finance, Transportation and Logistical support services.

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