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Cairo Cairo – Cycle 12 Dec 19, 2018 Feb 15, 2019 Jun 19, 2019 Apply Now
Jeddah Jeddah – Cycle 9

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Abu Dhabi AD – Cycle 4

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Beirut Beirut – Cycle 4 Dec 30, 2020 May 15, 2019 Jun 15, 2019 Apply Now
Tunis Tunis – Cycle 4 Mar 15, 2019 Apr 15, 2019 Jul 15, 2019 Apply Now
Bahrain Bahrain – Cycle 3 Sep 22, 2019 Apr 15, 2019 Sep 15, 2019 Apply Now

Jeddah Community

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  • Abdulaziz Al Rugaib Abdulaziz Al Rugaib CEO & Managing Partner, Imtiaz Al Arabia Co. Mentor
  • Abdulhakeem Hakeem Abdulhakeem Hakeem CCO, Mohammed Yousuf Naghi & Brothers Group Mentor
  • Ahmed AlHakbani Ahmed AlHakbani Secretary General & a Board Member of (SEDA) Mentor
  • Ahmed Boshnak Ahmed Boshnak Partner, Cornerstone Mentor

  • Ahmed Essa Ahmed Essa "Ideaneurs Magazine, InveNst - Ventures Boutique" Mentor
  • Albara Bahjatt Albara Bahjatt Managing Director & Founder, Smart Mentor
  • Ali Alzain Ali Alzain GM of Corporate Services, Rolaco Trading & Contracting Mentor
  • Barig Siraj Barig Siraj Director, Zahid Group Mentor

  • Dr. Abdelhakim Hammach Dr. Abdelhakim Hammach Managing Director, RVC Investment Mentor
  • Dr. Mounira Jamjoom Dr. Mounira Jamjoom CEO & Co-Founder, Emkan Education Mentor
  • Essam AlZamel Essam AlZamel Founder & CEO, Remal IT Mentor
  • Fouad AlFarhan Fouad AlFarhan Co-Founder, Rwaq Mentor

  • Hani Khoja Hani Khoja Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Elixir Mentor
  • Ibrahim M. AlSuwaiyel
 Ibrahim M. AlSuwaiyel
 Corporate Affairs Group Manager – Intel Corporation Mentor
  • Khalid AlKhudair Khalid AlKhudair CEO & Founder, Glowork Mentor
  • Loai Bafaqeeh Loai Bafaqeeh Public Sector Director, Microsoft Arabia Mentor

  • Mohammed Fitaihi Mohammed Fitaihi CEO & Founder, Fitahi Junior Mentor
  • Muhammed Mekki Muhammed Mekki Founding Partner, AstroLabs Mentor
  • Musaab Al-Muhaidib Musaab Al-Muhaidib General Manager/ Director, Masdar Mentor
  • Nabil Nazer Nabil Nazer Chief Investment Officer, Ghassan Ahmed Al Sulaiman Development Company Mentor

  • Namar Ghouth Namar Ghouth VP – Human Resources & Corporate Services, Kinan Company Mentor
  • Nick Gonzalez Nick Gonzalez Co-Founder, Nervora Mentor
  • Soraqa AlKhatib Soraqa AlKhatib Founder, Fullstop Mentor
  • Yasser Bahjatt Yasser Bahjatt Founder, Yatakhayaloon Mentor

  • Youssef Alsayegh Youssef Alsayegh CEO, Modern Facilities Mentor
  • Alaa Hashem Alaa Hashem CEO & Founder, Headquarters Mentor
  • Wesam Essam Yaghmour Wesam Essam Yaghmour CEO Founder
  • Abdulaziz N. Algain Abdulaziz N. Algain CEO Founder
  • Abdulrahman Shahbar Abdulrahman Shahbar CEO Founder
  • Abutalib Al-Jarrah Abutalib Al-Jarrah CEO Founder

  • Anas Dahlawi Anas Dahlawi CEO & Co-founder Founder
  • Asma Janbi Asma Janbi Co-Founder Founder
  • Bassam AlSaif Bassam AlSaif CTO Founder
  • Bayan Farhan Bayan Farhan Marketing Manager Founder

  • Emad Bukhary Emad Bukhary CEO Founder
  • Eman Janbi Eman Janbi CEO Founder
  • Fawzi Sulaimani Fawzi Sulaimani Co-Founder Founder
  • Ghassan Majid Al-Harbi Ghassan Majid Al-Harbi CEO Founder

  • Hashim Geoffrey Hashim Geoffrey CEO and Co-Founder Founder
  • Hassan Al-Ghamdi Hassan Al-Ghamdi CEO Founder
  • Hosam Hamad Al Hatailah Hosam Hamad Al Hatailah Co-founder Founder
  • Hussein Attar Hussein Attar CEO Founder

  • Maali khashoggi Maali khashoggi Co-Founder and manager Director Founder
  • Manaf Almugait Manaf Almugait CEO Founder
  • Marwah Almugait Marwah Almugait Media Consultant and Art Director Founder
  • Mishael Almugait Mishael Almugait Operational Manager Founder

  • Moataz Abdullah Jastaniah Moataz Abdullah Jastaniah CEO Founder
  • Mohammad Al-Zahrani Mohammad Al-Zahrani CMO Founder
  • Mohammad Assiri Mohammad Assiri Co-Founder and Sales & Marketing Executive Founder
  • Mohammad Ayyad Mohammad Ayyad Tour Coordinator Founder

  • Mohammad Flimban Mohammad Flimban CEO/Co-Founder Founder
  • Mohammed Afandi Mohammed Afandi Co-Founder Founder
  • Mohammed Aqeel Mohammed Aqeel CEO Founder
  • Mohammed Baobaid Mohammed Baobaid COO - Co-founder Founder

  • Najeeb Al-Majeedy Najeeb Al-Majeedy CTO and Co-Founder Founder
  • Nehad Mohamad Sulaimani Nehad Mohamad Sulaimani CEO Founder
  • Ohoud El-Essawi Ohoud El-Essawi Co-founder Founder
  • Ola Almogi Ola Almogi PR manager Founder

  • Omar Baksh Omar Baksh Marketing Manager Founder
  • Salem Alanzi Salem Alanzi Co-founder and CEO Founder
  • Sameer Mattumathodi Sameer Mattumathodi CTO Founder
  • Sami Alsaif Sami Alsaif Co-Founder and Executive Producer Founder

  • Saud Bawazeer Saud Bawazeer CTO Founder
  • Sulaiman Basahel Sulaiman Basahel IT Founder
  • Aya Salem Aya Salem Co-Founder and Business Development Executive Team
  • Haitham Banawaas Haitham Banawaas Chief Cartoonist Team
  • Hassan Al-Ghamdi Hassan Al-Ghamdi CEO Team