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Spring 2012


The social applications trend is moving towards socializing around common interests and geographic locations rather than just people. This made two guys believe that they can take social networking applications to a next level. They said “why don’t we link the online and the offline worlds and build a social place where people can virtually leave posts and stories on any object or place – online or offline – instead of just posting things about them on websites. These stories can stay there forever and can travel from one person to another”. Those guys developed a social application for that purpose and named it “Yadget”.

Yadget is a social network that is centered around objects and geographic locations rather than people. People can find and share content about particular objects and locations by tagging and attaching digital content to them the same way they attach sticky notes to real life objects. We call this digital content “yadgets”. Users can collect yadgets from other users and re-attach them to other objects and locations. They can also create “collections” to organize their own yadgets and the ones they collected. Users can make their yadgets private, public, or accessible to their friends.

Yadget changes the way users interact with real-life objects and geographic locations. Using Yadget, users can instantly find and share content relevant to the products they buy, the museums they visit, the food they eat, the magazines they read, the transportation they use, the websites they browse, and other objects and places they interact with in their daily lives. Moreover, users can follow objects, places, or even specific tags of interest to receive notifications whenever new yadgets are attached to them. Users will use Yadget to share posts, stories, memories, events, jokes, recommendations, games, facts, wish lists, reminders, gifts, and many other things.

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