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Spring 2013


Solarist presents innovative solar powered solutions that solve environmental problems like water scarcity.

Solarist’s first product is a small-scale seawater reverse-osmosis unit  with excellent energy efficiency.  Recently, the system delivers up to  400 L/Hr of potable water, from seawater (at 40,000 ppm), while consuming less than 1100 Watt of electrical power.  We are also working on developing it to deliver up to 1500 litre/hour. This represents a specific energy consumption of less than 3 kWh/m3. Moreover, the flow is controlled in order to reduce the power consumption. The most important feature is the energy recovery, and the use of a variable water recovery ratio by a controlled algorithm. The significance of the system is that it may be operated from variable intermittent renewable-energy sources, such as solar-photovoltaic.  The PV is characterized by its high capital cost (per kW) and the variability of the energy that they are able to provide. Thus, in order to make PV-RO economically applicable, the pumps and RO membranes must offer excellent energy efficiency, and this is achieved by carrying out  maintenance  over a wide operating range.

Solarist Team


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