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Abu Dhabi

Spring 2015


Sakkini was formed after the co-founders decided to build a go-to solution for relocation needs. They found that the market lacked a full-featured solution that met all the needs of an individual relocating to the region. The information and tools needed to make decisions were available in the market however they were difficult to find and the information was fragmented or unreliable. Sakkini’s goal is to build a complete solution to address this gap in the market. Our mission is to provide world-class tools and information to make more informed decisions on relocation. We will position ourselves as a reliable and trustworthy service provider.

Sakkini’s solutions are currently consumer facing however, the team has found that these tools and information add considerable value to enterprises and relocation agencies. The team plans to test and monetise these solutions in the consumer market before expanding their offering to relocation agencies and enterprises on a white label SaaS based model.

Sakkini’s solution begins by understanding the needs of an individual who is relocating.

Individual Needs:
1. Education on the region – (Cost of Living, Quality of Life, Property Price Index, Crime Index, Commute Index, Travel Fares, etc.)
2. Find a home
3. Find a school for their children
4. Find Banking and Insurance providers
5. Education on bureaucratic procedures in the region – (Drivers License, Register a Car, Get Electricity, etc. )

Sakkini will focus on building solutions on these addressable needs. The portal will function as a single go-to solution however will operate under multiple verticals.

Sakkini Living (Expected June 30th, 2015):

Sakkini Living will provide individuals will a key resources on education on various aspects of the moving process. Education on the region, banking, insurance, schools and other content will be available to individuals. One of the most notable advantages in this vertical is the ability for an individual to get a comparison of their home-town to the city they are moving to. Individuals can compare cost of living, quality of life, property prices, commutes, etc).

This vertical will be monetised by a revenue sharing model for leads with existing data providers as well as display advertising.

Sakkini Homes (Expected July 30th, 2015):

Sakkini Homes will be the first map-based property search portal in the GCC. We provide individuals will the most comprehensive and easy-to-use tools to find properties. Our portal will require agents not agencies to list their properties – this will ensure the accuracy and quality of listings. Ratings and review for agents will also help individuals gain better insights into the agent they are trusting to find a home.

This vertical will be monetised through a monthly recurring subscription fee that agents will pay.
Sakkini Projects (Expected June 1st, 2015):

Sakkini Projects is the most comprehensive portal for off-plan projects. These are properties that are not yet built, however are currently being sold directly from developers. Sakkini Projects will give individuals all the information they need on comparing and selecting a property to buy. In the short-run projects will operate as a showcase for developers however in the long run we have plans in integrate payments to book units online. Booking units will include a 3D visualisation of the project that individuals can navigate and book properties from.

The current monetisation strategy is having developers pay a monthly fee to showcase their projects and in the future allow Sakkini to process payments for units booked and collect a percentage of the sale.

Sakkini Team

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