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Fall 2013


Ohana is an online and mobile platform for beauty services and products and the first inclusive online booking tool for spas & beauty salons in Saudi Arabia. Ohana offers Spa & Beauty salons owners several benefits like providing them exposure through dashboards, product sales, increased customer exposure, cost savings, as well as allowing them to have better customer service. As for what the users will enjoy, Ohana provides 24/7 accessibility, customized reservations, and the possibility to quickly find alternative spa & beauty salons.

Information that will be available to the customers will include the different salons and stylist profiles, promotions. map location, search with a filter function, services list and many others all through a fast and easy booking system. Our target market consists of salons and spas owners, female from age 15- 45 who can afford an online connection and a computer or smartphone and cosmetic companies


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