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Spring 2014


Mapture provides a fast, easy way for you to share geotagged content anonymously, on a map. Simply capture a photo, and watch it upload on the map, assured that your identity will remain anonymous.

Have you ever been in that situation where you were witness to something important and needed to document and verify it instantly? Feel like snapping a realistic photo of a travel destination?Need to photo-report a health hazard in a restaurant or hospital? Experiencing extreme weather conditions that you need to warn others about? Want to show a traffic violation or accident? Want to expose some kind of harassment, theft, or human rights violation? Mapture offers you the opportunity to do any of those, leaving a watermark of the location, date, and time on the image and therefore verifying it, while also allowing you to remain anonymous, and free of judgment. Why Anonymous? A preconceived notion is defined as “an opinion formed beforehand without adequate evidence”. Many people form preconceived notions. It’s part of our nature. However, it is a major obstacle in the way people absorb and comprehend information. By allowing you to become Anonymous, we are able to let the real issue at hand truly get the attention it deserves: the content being viewed. We truly believe that with anonymous users, content can be viewed by everyone regardless of any ideology or preconceived notion. The user will be viewing content in its purest form, thus facilitating the opportunity to form one’s opinion without any external influences. This purity is what we aspire to achieve, and hope to deliver to you.

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