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Summer 2012


Hub43 solves two problems for social game players. The first problem is that, in current social games like Farmville, the game you play from your notebook is different than the game you play from your phone. While it may provide similar graphics; your game world is completely different. Hub43 games are truly cross platform, the same game runs on all devices while taking into consideration the client screen size.

The second problem is that the social interaction between players is limited to exchanging game elements with no real-time actions. In Hub43 games, when a player moves his character from his phone, another player logged in the game from a tablet would see the character moving the same instance the player starts to move.

Hub43 is also creating a framework which provides the basic functionality needed to develop social games. The framework provides functionality like message routing, score keeping, users’ analytics etc. This makes the process of developing cross platform social games much easier and faster than developing a native application for each device. Hub43 shall keep improving and enhancing the framework as it builds more games through it. The fast time to market and the quick application of user feedback behavior to the game mechanics are the key differentiating points in the games Hub43 creates.

Hub43 is starting off with a simple turn based game called “Free the Hawk”, where player can break wooden sides of cages ; hawks are freed when all four sides of a cage are broken. It is based on the same logic as the pencil-paper game “Dots”.

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