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Location Upcoming Cycle Final Deadline Start Date End Date
Cairo Cairo – Cycle 12 Dec 19, 2018 Feb 15, 2019 Jun 19, 2019 Apply Now
Jeddah Jeddah – Cycle 9

Coming Soon

Abu Dhabi AD – Cycle 4

Coming Soon

Beirut Beirut – Cycle 4 Dec 30, 2020 May 15, 2019 Jun 15, 2019 Apply Now
Tunis Tunis – Cycle 4 Mar 15, 2019 Apr 15, 2019 Jul 15, 2019 Apply Now
Bahrain Bahrain – Cycle 3 Sep 22, 2019 Apr 15, 2019 Sep 15, 2019 Apply Now

What we offer

  • Funding

    For each startup we select, we invest around (EGP 250,000) in seed funding in exchange for minor equity in the company (10-15%). This seed funding is to help startups cover their early expenses during the program and to help attempt define their product, develop their core application, and commercialize their enterprise. Our seed funding serves as a critical catalyst to specific milestone achievement, whether it is follow-on funding, first customers, or another significant breakthrough in the company’s growth. Following the seed funding, select startups are eligible to receive up to EGP 1 Million in follow on funding to allow them to scale their business and grow their teams respectively.

    Seed funding Follow-on Funding
  • Mentorship

    We provide 4 months of top-notch mentorship, strategically linking each team with established mentors in their field. Mentorship includes help with logistics, technical issues, attracting a customer base, hiring employees, and presenting yourself well to investors. When faced with a critical decision, every entrepreneur needs a little help and guidance. We understand that making mistakes is natural and part of the learning curve, but we also firmly believe in the benefits of learning from other peoples mistakes. That is why we believe in the power of focused mentorship, and sharing knowledge and experience openly, bluntly, and honestly.

    Weekly Dinner One on One
  • Training

    We provide our entrepreneurs with up-to-date focused training sessions from industry experts, corporate leaders, and academic partners in order to transfer some of the best practices, tools, and resources available out there for our startups to develop and scale in such a competitive global market.

    Partners Training Industry Experts Academic Training
  • Perks & Services

    We provide our startups with over $300K in perks and benefits, providing our entrepreneurs with some of the best resources available to build their companies. As a member of the Global Accelerator Network and various other partnerships, all of our startups get to take advantage of huge perks from sponsors like Microsoft, PayPal, Amazon Web Services, etc.

    Perks & Services
    GAN Perks F6S Deals
  • Legal Support

    Getting good legal advice can be costly and time-consuming for any startup. Thats why we have a team of lawyers specialized in dealing with startups, to provide our entrepreneurs with legal consultation, support, and services. This legal support comes in the form of company establishment, legal contracts, agreements, and IP.

    Legal Support
    Legal Advice Company Registration
  • Office Space

    We provide our startups with a state-of-the-art office space, and a chance to work side by side with other entrepreneurs at a similar stage. Our offices use the best practices from co-working hubs across the globe, and is an open, flexible space designed to facilitate interaction and productivity. Asides form the physical space, working at our office our includes access to an ever-growing network of entrepreneurs, investors, business and technology services, partners, and more.

    Office Space
    Co-Working Space Incubation Space
  • Networking & Exposure

    It’s hard to build a successful business, and it’s even harder if you’re not plugged into a community of people who can become mentors, partners, investors, developers, customers and friends. Our ever-expanding network is the backbone to our entire program. Our relationship with various local and international industry experts, companies, CEO’s, managing directors, academic institutions, innovators, media, service providers, governmental entities, NGO’s, etc., has led to a vast web of support and expertise that we tap our entrepreneurs directly into. Flat6Labs puts a brand name behind your startup, helping you get the exposure you need to grow and develop.

    Networking & Exposure
    Demo Day Media & PR Coverage Startup Events Business Networking