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Jayaprakash Balakrishnan

Marketing Strategist - Director - Digital-Peak Marketing

JP is a marketing strategist and a Linkedin Lead-Generation Coach. JP's main areas of expertise are strategies, consultations and advising technology startups, as well as SMEs on lead generation and leading pipelines in digital mediums. JP works as strategic marketing advisor, a mentor for SAAS based companies, marketing companies and coaching businesses. He specializes in strategic marketing planning by understanding the business's segmentation, targeting and positioning, all of which result in highly impactful strategies. He is on the board of many companies as an advisor, as well as a speaker in various forums and digital marketing conferences; moreover, his marketing campaigns are performance and life cycle marketing based. JP has had an exit from a food venture he created, called diringo which catered full-stack calorie-counted nutrition meals. He holds an MS from the State University of New York's School of Management, with an impressive resume of serving global companies like HP, HPE and infosys, in various strategic and leadership roles, early on in his career. Furthermore, as an upcoming author, JP is working on two books; Marketing for Startups and Linkedin Lead-Generation for Startups.


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