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Hassan Bin Jamil

Co-Founder - Tagit RFID Solutions

Hassan Bin Jamil's passion is the journey of start-ups, brith of ideas, innovation and product development. He has a demonstrated history of working in the multiple technologies including RFID, IoT & A.I. He is currently active in Tagit RFID Solutions, a company he co-founded and started from scratch, bootstrapped to fund the growth, and delivered best in class solutions with a great team around him. He is keen to help young entrepreneurs, find efficient ways to setup, brainstorm offerings, look at funding options and negotiate investment deals. A keen advocate of long term relations Hassan believes in 1:1 coaching and continued engagement with startups. Hassan take's pride in his skills to negotiate, devise business strategy, and craft deals ""Negotiations for technology spendings are seldom about price, they are about identifying the ZOPA, calculating ROIs and aligning human expectations to technology capabilities, every deal can be negotiated and every deal can be won.


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