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We make studying Math as easy as watching a movie… a good one!

As human beings, we are wired to learn through stories and the story structure keeps us curious and engaged. In a story we are presented first with an interesting problem that the hero is facing, then we get invested emotionally with him as he struggles to solve the problem then we feel relieved and happy when he wins at the end.

Unfortunately, Math lessons are not written this way!

In a Math lesson, students are first introduced to a mathematical concept that they don’t know where it came from and why is it important to know, then they are asked to use this concept to solve problems that are abstract and doesn’t mean anything to them! In Wade7.com, we are changing that! We re-write math lessons as stories and we relate them to real world applications that students use everyday. We then produce these lessons as animated videos that are not more than 3 min long each. We also provide students with a lot of exercises to solve so they can make sure they understood the lessons.

Our product will have the inherited benefits of the internet. Students can access our lessons anytime anywhere. And unlike the private sessions, our lessons are very affordable and within reach for most Saudi students. On top of that, the way our lessons are produced , as animated stories, will make learning fun and easy. Students won’t feel that they are studying when they watch our videos!

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