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Shabana Feroze Tayeb Ali

Founder & Managing Director - The Silver Kick Company

Shabana Feroze is a Bahraini entrepreneur, author, artist, activist, fitness coach and influencer. She has authored “Loving Yourself in Style” — a book that explores the freedom of expression through personal style, the struggle of growing up in a world of unachievable beauty standards and finding mental peace. Shabana is the founder and managing director of creative agency The Silver Kick Company and is the co-owner of the fashion business, Lace Love, both located in Bahrain. A strong feminist, she employs an all-girl team at TSKC and believes that women are not the future, but the present. She is also the social media consultant for global not-for-profit, Sahiyo, with her agency being their design and social media wing. Her work with Sahiyo aims to spark discussion and bring an end to the Asian communities' practice of FGC. She has worked in marketing as a manager and senior marketing executive for Zayani Motors and JBG respectively. She spearheaded their marketing, PR and advertising initiatives. Being one of the youngest marketing executives, Shabana was an early adopter of digital marketing for over 20 brands of JBG by ushering them into the new era of social media in the early 2000s.


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