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Mohamed Ali Shukri

CEO - Y Access Training Solutions Co.

Mohamed Ali Shukri is an award-winning speaker, a professional trainer, coach and consultant. With more than 30 years of experience as a public speaker, one of the “Top Ten Speakers in the World” (Washington DC, 2006), Mohamed has helped hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals tap into their best selves and unlock their potentials. His approach and philosophy has enabled his audiences and trainees own their success and build it themselves. Mohamed believes that each one of us has the answers and can find them and use them if proper and professional fostering, leadership and training are provided. Mohamed, therefore, is not a fan of quick fixes and outside-inside resolutions. Instead he helps organizations create the environment and platform, which will harness and hone creativity, productivity and continued growth even after the training program is concluded. Since 2003, Mohamed has trained thousands of professionals on the core corporate concepts and competencies. From top executives to shop floor workers, Mohamed was, and is, known to be a trainer who delivers seemingly “unattractive” subjects in the most compelling and engaging manner, leaving attendees more informed, highly inspired and deeply transformed. World Champions of Public Speaking, Microsoft international competitions, UN advocates and speakers, regional top executives are just some of the examples of critical areas, where Mohamed coached professionals, leaders and and ideas' promoters to help them achieve their goals through powerful, persuasive and profound speaking.


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