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image Overview About KANOOSH

Kanoosh is the first local marketplace app for the Arabian Market, Our vision is for Kanoosh to be a regional leader in eliminating the gap between peoples needs and businesses by providing a simple mobile app that connects peoples needs to relevant products and services.

Kanoosh is a free mobile application that connects two different groups: people and businesses. It allows it’s users to post their needs, then our engine will broadcast these needs to relevant business in the same city. Businesses on the other hand, will receive – via their mobile – a real-time stream of the freshest targeted high quality leads. Kanoosh will allow business to have rich communication with people instantaneously in order to acquire them as customers.

Kanoosh’s value proposition is that we will save businesses time, money and efforts by eliminating the gap between people needs and the appropriate businesses offering solutions to those needs.

We are to launch in Jeddah with plans to expand to other cities and countries in the GCC and MENA. Our primary revenue sources will be through the businesses, by which we will be selling messages to business that will allow them to communicate with people (short term), in addition to selling customized reports about people needs (Long term).

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