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image Overview About AYA GAMES

Aya Games is a mobile/Social gaming studio entirely focused on serving the Arab world with games tailored for the language and culture of the region.

Aya Games serves the huge Arabic market through creating unique culturally relevant content and also localizing successful international games and concepts. It will focus on game genres that have language and cultural content at their core so that our games will deliver meaningful local experiences to the Arabic gamer. There is currently over 60 million smart phone users across the Middle East, with smartphone penetration in the region now higher than any other market in the globe. These consumers are looking for unique Arabic content, yet the app stores are still flooded with western, English based apps. There is a huge demand for Arabic mobile content which is currently going unfulfilled.

Aya Games is building the foundation to lead this industry, ready to feed the unaddressed Arabic market. We are the first regional game company to adapt popular mobile games, localizing them to be culturally relevant for the Middle East.

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