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Nevine Moustafa

Operations Manager,Snapze

My professional experience has evolved working with multinational companies in the field   of Administration and Human Resources Management. During the past 15 years, I was given the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of aspects and to deal with different personnel and cadres which enriched my skills in communication, leadership, reliability, and adaptation to different environments.  I hold a post-graduate diploma in Human Resources Management from the American University in Cairo dated 2001 and I am currently wrapping-up my MBA from Eslsca Business School (expected to be completed by September 2013).  In brief, I have strong experience in managing teams, designing and applying various international and national managerial systems and procedures including HR and personnel systems, logistics, event’s management, procurement systems, financial and budget management and report preparations. My communication skills in both Arabic and English are fluent. Also, as part of my various functions, I developed experience in conducting meetings with government officials and gathering and discussing sensitive data and information.

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