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Muhamed Chawky


Muhamed Chawky

Chief Operating Officer, Solarist

EDUCATION:-  2008-2012 Helwan University, Helwan, Egypt  Faculty of Engineering, Mechatronics Dep.  Last year grade: Good (74.9%)  General Grade: Good (73.7%)  Gradation Project: Portable Desalination System (PDS).    Project Idea:-  The main concept of PDS is applying solar tracking  method that uses photovoltaic (PV) panels to absorb maximum  energy (sunlight) which is converted to electricity required for  system operation. Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology is used  where sea water is fed to the system through pre-treatment  filters, then pumped using a high pressure pump through the RO  membrane separating the dissolved salts, finally water is  pumped through post-treatment filters to get fresh water.    Project Grade: Excellent.  Total Ranking: 10th    Achievements and Qualifications:-  1- My graduation project has won in YIA (Young  Innovators Awards) competition 2012 for the best graduation projects all over Egypt.  2- I also participated in MIE (Made IN Egypt) competition and reached the finals . . . 2012.  3- I participated the EED (Egyptian Engineering day) 2012.  4- Has a v.good background at the renewable energy (water desalination system, and solar energy).  5- My graduation project participated in INJAZ  competition for entrepreneurs 2012.  6- Electrical Engineer at Diamond Canary (Nov 2012 – Present)  7- Technical Support at Auto-motion Company (June 2012 – Dec 2012)  8-Production Assistant at I.I.I- Egypt, INJAZ-Egypt’s company program. (Feb 2011 – Dec 2011)   9-Project Manager, Automation & Control

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