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General Manager, ARK Development

“I believe that Egypt can play an influential role in the International Software Industry and I am determined to prove this.” That was my motto when I got my first freelance job for a US client back in 1998. At that time, I was still a fresh engineering graduate paving my way in the Web development field, but realized that through cyberspace I could efficiently deliver work and meet clients’ demands regardless of their geographic location; whether they were in a room next to me or even on a different continent.

Assisted by business marketing portals like, my job evolved and clients increased. Inspired by my motto, I was able in 2000 to achieve outstanding results especially for my US clients, but back then, I didn’t know that I was literary a “Technology Export Entrepreneur” who was technically working in the field of “Outsourcing”.

Armed with experience and entrepreneurial spirit, I quit my job to open my software company; Ark Development was originally founded to give talented and dedicated developers in the MENA region a stake in the global information economy.

My original team of two developers has now grown into a robust CMMI-ISO Certified group of 30 programmers who develop codes in many languages. Challenge has never been a barrier to us; on the contrary it is an incentive where we can prove our mettle and show the unique caliber of our service. That’s why international clients are awed and name us “Our web ninjas team in Cairo–We are regularly awed by the magic Egyptians achieve in their projects.” Our ultimate objective which is giving Egypt an influential role on the International level is our strongest asset giving us the energy and determination to move far beyond the normal call of duty.

@Amgad_Kaldas on twitter

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