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Tunis Tunis Spring 2017 Nov 30, 2016 Jan 16, 2017 May 15, 2017 Apply Now

Flat6Labs Cairo fosters and invests in bright and passionate Egyptian entrepreneurs with cutting-edge ideas. Launched in 2011 as the first Flat6Labs office in the MENA region, Flat6Labs Cairo supports and encourages entrepreneurs throughout the critical first steps of development. Every 4 months, we select 8-10 promising teams to join our Flat6Labs Cairo program.  Once selected, we put these teams on the right track to become a full-fledged scalable startup.  We provide each team with seed funding (up to EGP250,000 ), strategic mentorship, office-space, a multitude of perks and services from our various partners ($300,000+), and entrepreneurship-focused business training and workshops.  Essentially, we help each startup definer their product, develop their core value propositions, construct a well-balanced business plan, and commercialize their enterprise in order to receive follow-on funding. By the end of the 4 months period, Flat6Labs Cairo holds a Demo Day event, where teams are given the opportunity to showcase their products to potential investors and the media. If any of the teams has been successful in its bid to establish a fully furnished enterprise with promising market potential, it will graduate from Flat6Labs and receive additional funding to establish its enterprise. Our solid interactive program has one aim in the end: to create an independent, successful company led by a team capable of making informed decisions.  

Current Cycle : 1864 Accelerator Cycle – 2016

Cairo Companies

  • Spring 2014 Spring 2014

    Codly is a platform that accelerates mobile development time and facilitates the communication between designers and developers. It will generate the UI source code for mobile applications directly from Photoshop file. The platform consists of 3 parts: - Photoshop Extension: An extension that analys

    More details
  • Fall 2012 Fall 2012
    Go Ejaza

    First social travel platform for planning & sharing trips for Arabic travelers

    More details
  • Fall 2012 Fall 2012

    We create interactive Arabic content and caters to mobile devices and tablets.

    More details
  • Summer 2012 Summer 2012

    Online fair trade handicrafts marketplace

    More details

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Cairo Community

  • Alvaro Abella Alvaro Abella MD, BECO Capital Mentor
  • Amr Shady Amr Shady CEO, TA Telecom Mentor
  • Amir Farha Amir Farha Managing Partner, BECO Capital Mentor

  • Angus Blair Angus Blair Founder, Signet Institute Mentor
  • Karim Khalifa Karim Khalifa CEO & Founder, Digital Republic Mentor
  • Nader Iskander Nader Iskander Founder & CEO, EME International Mentor
  • Rawah Badrawi Rawah Badrawi Author and Community Worker Mentor
  • DR. NIZAR BECHEIKH DR. NIZAR BECHEIKH Assistant Professor School of Business, AUC Speaker
  • MOHAMED KORAYEM MOHAMED KORAYEM Co-Founder, Social Fruits Speaker
  • KARIM HUSSEIN KARIM HUSSEIN SVP of Products and Engineering, WebMD Speaker
  • MOUNEER RABIE MOUNEER RABIE Director of Product Development, Benchmark E- Speaker

  • DR. AHMED ABDELMEGID DR. AHMED ABDELMEGID Assistant Professor of Accounting, AUC Speaker
  • DR. SHERWAT IBRAHIM DR. SHERWAT IBRAHIM Associate Professor, GUC Speaker
  • GAMAL SELIM GAMAL SELIM Managing Director, Link Data Center Speaker
  • ALAA RADY ALAA RADY Managing Director, Enmaa Financial Services Speaker
  • Zeyad Salloum Zeyad Salloum CEO Founder
  • Amr Sobhy Amr Sobhy CEO & Founder, Pushbots Founder
  • Nader Ahmed Mostafa Nader Ahmed Mostafa CEO Founder
  • Ahmed Abdelaliem Ahmed Abdelaliem CEO, Careerise Founder

  • Ahmed Fathalla Ahmed Fathalla CEO & Co-Founder, Gyrolabs Founder
  • Ahmed Shaaban Ahmed Ahmed Shaaban Ahmed CEO,Simplex Founder
  • Bedour Abdou Soliman Bedour Abdou Soliman Founder & CEO Founder
  • Ahmed Galal Ahmed Galal CEO & Founder, Taskty Founder
  • Mostafa Ali Tawfick Mostafa Ali Tawfick Illustrator, Designer & 2D Animator, Rawy Team
  • Haytham Saied Amer Haytham Saied Amer Office Manager,F16Apps Team
  • Osama El Menshawy Osama El Menshawy Web Developer, Nafham Team
  • Muhammad Magdi Muhammad Muhammad Magdi Muhammad Research software engineer Team

  • Hazem Khaled Hazem Khaled CTO, Eshtery Team
  • Eman Safwat Mostafa Eman Safwat Mostafa Software Engineer,F16Apps Team
  • Ebrahim sayed abd el-moaty Ebrahim sayed abd el-moaty Co-founder & Mobile Developer, Eshtery Team
  • Ibrahim Mostafa Ibrahim Mostafa Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Team

More Community Members

Cairo Team

  • Tarek Mounir Tarek Mounir Financial Manager
  • Ramez M. El-Serafy Ramez M. El-Serafy Flat6Labs CEO
  • Dina el-Shenoufy Dina el-Shenoufy Chief Investment Officer, Flat6Labs
  • Willie Elamein Willie Elamein Flat6Labs Cairo Managing Director

  • Amira Bibawy Amira Bibawy Office Manager
  • Ahmed Elsherif Ahmed Elsherif Program Manager
  • Sara Enan Sara Enan Business Analyst
  • Abdelrahman Amr Abdelrahman Amr Flat6Labs Communications Officer

  • Omar Badr Omar Badr Flat6Labs Communications Manager

Cairo Upcoming Events

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Where to find us in cairo

1 Dr. Mohamed Sobhy St., 2nd Floor, Flat 6, Giza, Egypt
+202 35685856

Local Partners

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