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Location Cycle Final Deadline Start Date End Date
Cairo 2015 Cycle Jul 01, 2015 Sep 01, 2015 Feb 01, 2016 Apply Now
Jeddah Spring 2016 Jan 31, 2015 Mar 04, 2015 May 31, 2015 Apply Now
Abu Dhabi Spring 2016 Jan 30, 2016 Mar 06, 2016 May 31, 2016 Apply Now
Beirut Jan 01, 1970 Mar 06, 2016 May 31, 2016 Apply Now


Flat6Labs Abu Dhabi is a global hub for digital innovation that will support a generation of entrepreneurs from the UAE and abroad to launch digital businesses in Abu Dhabi and scale to regional and global markets. Supported by twofour54, Flat6Labs Abu Dhabi will support startups at idea, early, and growth phases, with a focus on media and digital content, including media and film production, e-commerce, social media, online education, gaming, mobile apps, and big data and analytics. In its competitive core program, Flat6Labs Abu Dhabi will provide entrepreneurs with seed funding, strategic mentorship, office space, a multitude of perks and services from partners, and entrepreneurship-focused business training and development workshops, all engineered to prepare companies to be investment-ready within four and a half months.

Current Cycle : Fall 2015
Next Cycle : Spring 2016
Deadline to Apply : Jan 30, 2016
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Abu Dhabi Companies

  • Fall 2015 Fall 2015

    Jumpsuite is a global marketplace for personalised fitness and nutrition plans or the AIRbnb of Health and Fitness.

    More details
  • Fall 2015 Fall 2015

    Fitbit for Cars

    More details
  • Spring 2015 Spring 2015

    A platform where developers can find solutions to their coding problems, share their experience, and connect with experts

    More details
  • Fall 2015 Fall 2015

    Metaphorio is an online platform where video producers can easily collaborate on scripts, designs, storyboards, and videos

    More details

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Abu Dhabi Community

  • Herve Cuviliez Herve Cuviliez CEO, Diwanee Mentor
  • Christiane Schloderer Christiane Schloderer CFO at Nokia Solutions and Networks Al Saudia Mentor
  • Ahmed Medhat Ahmed Medhat Chief Data Scientist - DueDil Mentor
  • Will Hutson Will Hutson Founder at LMTD Mentor

  • Gary Sheynkman Gary Sheynkman Media Technologist Mentor
  • Asad Akbar Asad Akbar Web Developer. Product Specialist, GeniusFlame Mentor
  • Narain Jashanmal Narain Jashanmal Client Partner at Facebook Mentor
  • Mudassir Sheikha Mudassir Sheikha Co-founder and Managing Director at Careem Mentor
  • Jibin Jose Jibin Jose CEO & Co-Founder Founder
  • Anne-Helene Decaux Anne-Helene Decaux Co-Founder and COO Founder
  • Valerie Konde Valerie Konde Co-Founder and CEO Founder
  • Khaled Husseini Khaled Husseini CEO Founder

  • Giovanna Bo Giovanna Bo CEO Founder
  • Pavel Ignatov Pavel Ignatov CEO Founder
  • Faheem Gill Faheem Gill General Manager Founder
  • Abimanyu Nair Abimanyu Nair CTO & Co-Founder Founder
  • Faisal El-Hoseni Faisal El-Hoseni Business Development Team
  • Jad Halaoui Jad Halaoui Chief Operating Officer Team
  • Kareem Abo Gamra Kareem Abo Gamra CMO Team
  • Karim Ahmed Karim Ahmed CTO Team

  • Artem Turushyn Artem Turushyn Game Designer Team
  • Mohamed Said Mohamed Said CTO Team
  • Ameer Haider Ameer Haider Backend Architect Team
  • Daniel Bakker Daniel Bakker Developer Team

More Community Members

Abu Dhabi Team

  • Victor Kiriakos Victor Kiriakos Managing Director, Flat6Labs Abu Dhabi
  • Ahmed El Alfi Ahmed El Alfi Founder, Flat6Labs
  • Hany Al Sonbaty Hany Al Sonbaty Founder, Flat6Labs
  • Ramez Mohamed Ramez Mohamed CEO, Flat6Labs

  • Ramzy Ismail Ramzy Ismail Program Manager
  • Glynis Cruz Glynis Cruz Office Manager

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Where to find us in Abu Dhabi

Park Rotana Complex, 5th floor - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Local Partners

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