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Location Upcoming Cycle Final Deadline Start Date End Date
Cairo 2017 Cairo Cycle Apr 14, 2017 May 14, 2017 Sep 13, 2017 Apply Now
Jeddah Jeddah Cycle 9 Oct 15, 2017 Jan 31, 2018

Coming Soon

Abu Dhabi 2017 Abu Dhabi Cycle Feb 28, 2017 Jul 16, 2017 Nov 26, 2017 Apply Now
Beirut 2017 Beirut Cycle May 31, 2017 Jul 03, 2017 Oct 11, 2017 Apply Now
Tunis Tunis Spring 2017 May 15, 2017 Jul 10, 2017 Nov 15, 2017 Apply Now

What we offer

  • Accelerator Program

    Offering support to 75+ Tunisian startups over 5 years through the Flat6Labs leading accelerator program. (2 cycles/year; 6-8 startups/cycle)

    Accelerator Program
  • Seed Funding

    Seed funding in the range of TND 80K up to 100K in cash funding and shared resources in return for 10-15% equity for each startup joining the accelerator program.

    Seed Funding
  • Follow-on & Pre-Series A Funding

    Flat6Labs Tunis will also offer follow-on and early stage investment tickets ranging from TND 200K to 600K.

    Follow-on & Pre-Series A Funding
  • Mentorship

    14 weeks of top-notch mentorship, strategically linking each team in the program with established mentors in their field.

  • Coaching

    A new coach is invited to visit Flat6Labs Tunis office every week to to meet with each team, coach and advise them.

  • Training

    A competitive curriculum with over 50 training and coaching sessions during the program on product development, business, operations, etc..

  • Flat6Labs Bootcamp

    Traning 50+ Tunisian startups a year via the Flat6Labs’ flagship 5-day Bootcamp training program before each program.

    Flat6Labs Bootcamp
  • Perks & Services

    Each of the startups receives more than $300K in perks & benefits from local, regional and international partners.

    Perks & Services
  • Legal Support

    Company incorporation and on-call local lawyers for legal consultation, support, and services.

    Legal Support
  • Office Space

    4 months of shared office space at Le15 building with high-speed Internet and full administrative support during the program.

    Office Space
  • Business Growth Opportunities

    Business networking and growth opportunities to help startups scale regionally and globally.

    Business Growth Opportunities
  • Demo Day & Investor Matching

    A high-profile program-closing event to help graduating startups receive follow-on funding from investors.

    Demo Day & Investor Matching