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Cairo 2017 Cairo Cycle Apr 14, 2017 May 14, 2017 Sep 13, 2017 Apply Now
Jeddah Jeddah Cycle 9 Oct 15, 2017 Jan 31, 2018

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Abu Dhabi 2017 Abu Dhabi Cycle Feb 28, 2017 Jul 16, 2017 Nov 26, 2017 Apply Now
Beirut 2017 Beirut Cycle May 31, 2017 Jul 03, 2017 Oct 11, 2017 Apply Now
Tunis Tunis Spring 2017 May 15, 2017 Jul 10, 2017 Nov 15, 2017 Apply Now

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  • Abdulaziz Al Rugaib Abdulaziz Al Rugaib CEO & Managing Partner, Imtiaz Al Arabia Co. Mentor
  • Abdulhakeem Hakeem Abdulhakeem Hakeem CCO, Mohammed Yousuf Naghi & Brothers Group Mentor
  • Ahmed AlHakbani Ahmed AlHakbani Secretary General & a Board Member of (SEDA) Mentor
  • Ahmed Boshnak Ahmed Boshnak Partner, Cornerstone Mentor

  • Ahmed Essa Ahmed Essa "Ideaneurs Magazine, InveNst - Ventures Boutique" Mentor
  • Albara Bahjatt Albara Bahjatt Managing Director & Founder, Smart Mentor
  • Ali Alzain Ali Alzain GM of Corporate Services, Rolaco Trading & Contracting Mentor
  • Barig Siraj Barig Siraj Director, Zahid Group Mentor

  • Dr. Abdelhakim Hammach Dr. Abdelhakim Hammach Managing Director, RVC Investment Mentor
  • Dr. Mounira Jamjoom Dr. Mounira Jamjoom CEO & Co-Founder, Emkan Education Mentor
  • Essam AlZamel Essam AlZamel Founder & CEO, Remal IT Mentor
  • Fouad AlFarhan Fouad AlFarhan Co-Founder, Rwaq Mentor

  • Hani Khoja Hani Khoja Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Elixir Mentor
  • Ibrahim M. AlSuwaiyel
 Ibrahim M. AlSuwaiyel
 Corporate Affairs Group Manager – Intel Corporation Mentor
  • Khalid AlKhudair Khalid AlKhudair CEO & Founder, Glowork Mentor
  • Loai Bafaqeeh Loai Bafaqeeh Public Sector Director, Microsoft Arabia Mentor

  • Mohammed Fitaihi Mohammed Fitaihi CEO & Founder, Fitahi Junior Mentor
  • Muhammed Mekki Muhammed Mekki Founding Partner, AstroLabs Mentor
  • Musaab Al-Muhaidib Musaab Al-Muhaidib General Manager/ Director, Masdar Mentor
  • Nabil Nazer Nabil Nazer Chief Investment Officer, Ghassan Ahmed Al Sulaiman Development Company Mentor

  • Namar Ghouth Namar Ghouth VP – Human Resources & Corporate Services, Kinan Company Mentor
  • Nick Gonzalez Nick Gonzalez Co-Founder, Nervora Mentor
  • Saud Alsulaiman Saud Alsulaiman IKEA Saudi Executive Director Mentor
  • Soraqa AlKhatib Soraqa AlKhatib Founder, Fullstop Mentor

  • Yasser Bahjatt Yasser Bahjatt Founder, Yatakhayaloon Mentor
  • Youssef Alsayegh Youssef Alsayegh CEO, Modern Facilities Mentor
  • Alaa Hashem Alaa Hashem CEO & Founder, Headquarters Mentor
  • Wesam Essam Yaghmour Wesam Essam Yaghmour CEO Founder
  • Abdulaziz N. Algain Abdulaziz N. Algain CEO Founder
  • Abdulrahman Shahbar Abdulrahman Shahbar CEO Founder
  • Abutalib Al-Jarrah Abutalib Al-Jarrah CEO Founder

  • Anas Dahlawi Anas Dahlawi CEO & Co-founder Founder
  • Asma Janbi Asma Janbi Co-Founder Founder
  • Bassam AlSaif Bassam AlSaif CTO Founder
  • Bayan Farhan Bayan Farhan Marketing Manager Founder

  • Emad Bukhary Emad Bukhary CEO Founder
  • Eman Janbi Eman Janbi CEO Founder
  • Fawzi Sulaimani Fawzi Sulaimani Co-Founder Founder
  • Ghassan Majid Al-Harbi Ghassan Majid Al-Harbi CEO Founder

  • Hashim Geoffrey Hashim Geoffrey CEO and Co-Founder Founder
  • Hassan Al-Ghamdi Hassan Al-Ghamdi CEO Founder
  • Hosam Hamad Al Hatailah Hosam Hamad Al Hatailah Co-founder Founder
  • Hussein Attar Hussein Attar CEO Founder

  • Maali khashoggi Maali khashoggi Co-Founder and manager Director Founder
  • Manaf Almugait Manaf Almugait CEO Founder
  • Marwah Almugait Marwah Almugait Media Consultant and Art Director Founder
  • Mishael Almugait Mishael Almugait Operational Manager Founder

  • Moataz Abdullah Jastaniah Moataz Abdullah Jastaniah CEO Founder
  • Mohammad Al-Zahrani Mohammad Al-Zahrani CMO Founder
  • Mohammad Assiri Mohammad Assiri Co-Founder and Sales & Marketing Executive Founder
  • Mohammad Ayyad Mohammad Ayyad Tour Coordinator Founder

  • Mohammad Flimban Mohammad Flimban CEO/Co-Founder Founder
  • Mohammed Afandi Mohammed Afandi Co-Founder Founder
  • Mohammed Aqeel Mohammed Aqeel CEO Founder
  • Mohammed Baobaid Mohammed Baobaid COO - Co-founder Founder

  • Najeeb Al-Majeedy Najeeb Al-Majeedy CTO and Co-Founder Founder
  • Nehad Mohamad Sulaimani Nehad Mohamad Sulaimani CEO Founder
  • Ohoud El-Essawi Ohoud El-Essawi Co-founder Founder
  • Ola Almogi Ola Almogi PR manager Founder

  • Omar Baksh Omar Baksh Marketing Manager Founder
  • Salem Alanzi Salem Alanzi Co-founder and CEO Founder
  • Sameer Mattumathodi Sameer Mattumathodi CTO Founder
  • Sami Alsaif Sami Alsaif Co-Founder and Executive Producer Founder

  • Saud Bawazeer Saud Bawazeer CTO Founder
  • Sulaiman Basahel Sulaiman Basahel IT Founder
  • Aya Salem Aya Salem Co-Founder and Business Development Executive Team
  • Haitham Banawaas Haitham Banawaas Chief Cartoonist Team
  • Hassan Al-Ghamdi Hassan Al-Ghamdi CEO Team