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Spring 2014


Tamreeni is an Egyptian startup founded around the spirit of fitness and healthy living. We want to provide an opportunity for everyone in the Middle East who wants to start exercising to do so. Tamreeni aims to build and foster an online local fitness community in both Arabic and English for individuals interested in fitness.

The platform will provide simple workout challenges and allow people to take part in the challenges and share their accomplishments with other members of the community. Challenges will range from simple one-exercise moves for free to recorded videos of a class uploaded by personal trainers. Users can create personalized profiles through which they will be able to track their workouts and share them with other members of the community. They will also be able to rate workouts, comment on their progress, encourage, motivate each other and earn trophies that show their progress in the challenges in both Arabic and English. It is a platform that will allow people from all walks of life who are passionate about fitness to come together and share their interests. It creates an open forum for people to interact and share this passion for an active life.

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