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Spring 2012


At GyroLabs, we’re working on exciting ways to merge the online world with traditional television viewing habits. This involves creating smartphone applications that complement television by providing viewers with additional information about what they are currently watching, integrating their social connections and allowing them to reach out to other viewers to create a more immersive and interactive experience. Our applications also help broadcasters reach out to their audience in real time, interact with them, discover their preferences and possibly tailor the content to their specific needs.

We are partnering with leading television manufacturers to bring our applications to their next generation television sets, dubbed SmartTVs. These Internet connected devices allow viewers to stream online content and run applications on their TV, unleashing an array of possibilities for viewers, including accessing YouTube videos, connecting to social networks, and playing online multiplayer games.

Our vision for the future of television is a big one and we believe we’ve got the team that can make it happen. We’ve already accumulated a wealth of experience in the web and IT infrastructure spaces and have a solid understanding of the technologies needed to create our platform. We’re excited to bring aboard innovative media companies, device manufacturers and independent content creators who share our vision of creating an Internet age television experience.

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