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Spring 2012


Crowdsway is a crowdsourcing platform designed for content – video – exchange, where content creators and their potential clients looking for talent can connect and ultimately do business together.

Crowdsway’s goal is to enable the creator community to reach a larger audience. Market research shows that the need for video exchange and content exchange will dramatically increase in the next few years.

Crowdsway’s website will be centered around two main features:

1)  A crowdsourcing platform for promotional videos and content exchange, where companies can get the best value for money and where creators make new contacts and money. Contests are published on the website and creators participate in order to win prizes.

2)  A “Talent for Hire” section, where anyone can offer a service or talent and get hired by someone else. “Talents” can make money doing what they love and anyone can get access to these talents through Crowdsway.

Our vision for the future is a better connected world, where artists can express themselves, and where talents are encouraged and financially supported. Be part of the media revolution, join Crowdsway.

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